Middle School

As we abide by CBSE guidelines, we have carefully outlined our yearly plan so that our teaching is aligned with the CBSE guidelines. A two-way approach is adopted where both practical and theoretical aspects of education are given equal importance. With the help of our Judo Gyaan Kit, we make the subject of Mathematics, a practical learning experience. For Environmental science, we take students out in the field to experience and relate with the theoretical explanation. Regular class work and homework are assigned to the students to ensure they have absolute understanding of the topics taught in class.

Our small class strength of not more than 40 pupils and dedicated, innovative teachers, help our girls and boys develop core academic skills and additional life skills, providing a firm foundation for high school.

Interdisciplinary approach dissolves boundaries of subjects and encourages learning across the curriculum. We have developed a plan where the theme encompasses all curricular areas. This way, subjects like Math, English, Social Studies and Science are integrated and taught together focusing on a specific issue. Here, we have eliminated the age-old concept of teaching subjects in isolation. This cultivates higher-order thinking abilities, encouraging our young geniuses to focus on their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.

Further, GPS has curated innovative curriculum to address the need of the hour and our students’ learning abilities. The school has exclusively prepared this unique academic resource material for our children, taking into consideration the Board’s objectives, learning needs, abilities, and interest.



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