Life Confidence

A positive self-image is the best reinforcement for having a positive attitude towards life and for having the confidence in you to fight all the odds to achieve your dreams. A positive self-image comes from a good self-presentation and love for the self. Though it largely comes from inside the mentor and the surrounding have a great role to play here. Everyone is born different and has something unique to him which stands him apart from others and makes him exclusive. Rather than finding this uniqueness people often deride what is not normal in a person which works as a very negative reinforcement for the self-confidence of a child.

Spoken language too has been identified a critical factor affecting confidence, pupils with improper command over language refrain from speaking in public as they fear that they will be mocked which dents their self confidence immensely.

We at Gyan Peethika School strive to find the uniqueness or exclusivity in our students and also help them overcome their shortcomings with respect to others so that they have a very positive self-expression, high self-esteem and confidence which helps them pursue their dreams relentlessly and speak their mind freely. Not only that, we also train them to value others for their uniqueness and refrain from deriding their shortcomings and weakness, to make them a more responsible individual for the society.

We have separate arrangement for improving spoken languages other than their academic schedule where we help them improve their vocabulary and speech through fun exercises and improve their communication abilities.



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