Gyan Peethika Senior Secondary School

One of the 1st CBSE affiliated senior secondary schools in Ballia, Gyan Peethika ensures a rich environment for students in Ballia with it’s sprawling infrastructure, robust facilities and focus on research-based teaching methods.


Gyan Peethika is Evolving

Change is the law of nature, and to embrace, adapt and master the change is the trait of the wise. Being responsive to the changes in the society and to the changes required in the mode of education, we decided to come up with a new identity, drawing important lessons from our 25 years of the wealth of knowledge.

This new identity that stands on the footstone of cherished values and vision of our founding members will help us reinforce our beliefs and prepare our students to make their mark in future.

Strategic Collaborations

One of our collaboration partners Sparkle Science conducts workshops for the students at Gyan Peethika. They intertwine various disciplines such as science, maths, arts, culture, and more, through creative, fun-to-do, project-based workshops.

Rocket Readers is one of our important collaboration which offers different programs for children between 1.5 – 13 years. They bring the best research-based strategies and help a young child to become a strong reader.

Jodo Gyan has developed innovative methods and materials for developing Number Sense, the teaching of fractions and decimals, integers and other mathematical concepts and reasoning.

Alumni Speak

“When I joined GyanPeethika in the year 1998, I was quite scared of the new culture and it was very difficult for me to adjust and accentuate in an environment where most of the things including mode of communication, jargons, life style etc. were different. But, like most of the people, I too had an aspiration and that was aided and maneuvered by the irreplaceable effort of my teachers. Behind anybody’s success, there lie certain factors and in my case, they were my teachers, friends and my family. I have lived and enjoyed most of the desires that I had. I can’t repay this school, the best times of my life that it has endowed me, the imprint of which can never fade in my conscious.

Currently, I am working as an assistant manager in Coal India Limited a Central Govt. undertaking since 2011 after my graduation which was from Indian School of Mines. Practically speaking, many-a-times I have observed and felt that the one who keeps himself/herself updated with a changing world is set to get a number of opportunities. Therefore, I personally advice everybody especially younger generations to make full and positive use of latest technologies.”

Ashish Singh
Batch of 2006

Our School Infrastructure