High School

Emphasis is given in a focused way of teaching by segregating the classes as per the interest of the students. Additional classes are specially conducted to ensure students spend more time with a particular subject to ensure there is absolute clarity as far as understanding of the subject is concerned.

We at Gyan Peethika School strive to find the uniqueness or exclusivity in our students and also help them overcome their shortcomings with respect to others so that they have a very positive self-expression, high self-esteem, and confidence which helps them pursue their dreams relentlessly and speak their mind freely. Not only that, we also train them to value others for their uniqueness and refrain from deriding their shortcomings and weakness, to make them a more responsible individual for the society.

Our High School, which has more than 250 students, is an energetic and engaging place where boys and girls are transformed into mature young men and women who are equipped for life beyond school.

For the Senior Secondary classes i.e. Grades 8 to 10, the school offers CBSE recommended school books and study materials for our students. Our students can avail supplementary books and sample question papers for greater success in examinations conducted by the Board. The activity-based flexible curriculum and the various teaching aids used by our school facilitate a wholesome learning experience for our young geniuses. Gyan Peethika offers nationally established CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education).



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